How to Create a Great Impression on a First Date
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How to Create a Great Impression on a First Date

So you have finally managed to convince the beautiful girl in your office or the handsome guy you met. Great! But you have another big hurdle to overcome- making a great first impression and win her to agree to a second date. Your tummy may be full of butterflies and you are not sure what to put on, how to sit, what to say and so on. Relax, it will go down well with your new-found partner.

Here are a few tips to help you make a great impression on that first date:

Dress Appropriately 

be smartly dressed and well-groomedIt is no secret that you want to impress your partner and make them like you, so dress well than you would for a regular date or just any other hook up. If conventional wisdom is anything to go by, the first impression is made in the first seven seconds, so do not let this chance to give your A-game slip. While you do not have to don your three-piece suit or for a lady to put on a dinner dress, you have to ensure you are smart than you are on everyday occasions. Also, put on a subtle cologne and moderate makeup. Men must have their hair and beards well-trimmed and women their hair, and eyelid well-styled.

Exude Confidence and Positivity

exude confience and positivityYour stature is a critical factor in making a great first impression, so be keen to confidently walk into your date venue. Maintain a straight posture and have a genuine smile on your face. 

Avoid being fidgety at all costs, like keeping checking your clothes while conversing, but at the same time, don’t be cocky. Just be yourself but with a little extra confidence and cheerfulness. When you feel great about your body shape, appearance, dressing and are generally positive, your date will get hooked to you and cannot resist another date and moving further.

Avoid Interviewing Your Date 

It is expected that you will want to know more about your date, and that means you will ask them questions about themselves and listen keenly to their responses. However, do not turn the friendly date into an interrogation session where you shoot question after another to your new-found date. It would be best to volunteer some information after getting some from them and remain interested in what they have to say. It would help if you also were cautious not to get too personal or take things personally unless it is the case.

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